Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Not So Thrifty Tuesday

It actually did start off being a rather thrifty day. I had every intention of making a stir fry and enjoying a quiet winter's day here on the old homestead.

That is until Harvey realized something....
It is our 41st wedding anniversary today and so Harvey slipped out after lunch today and bought me flowers. Not my usual yellow roses, but one can just not help but smile at all the happy colours (and there is some yellow).

I had planned on spending a few hours going through all these knitting magazines.

Plus I have another shelf full after these are done. I am going through them and tearing out those patterns I may just try, and recycling the rest of the magazine to either one of the schools, or if I don't rip any pattern pages out they will be going to the Salvation Army. Guess I can work on this some over the next few days. Hoping to have those shelves cleaned out by the end of the week and have many more items leaving my home as well.

Instead I was whisked out for a Chinese supper (not complaining, the stir fry can easily be made in the near future). The remains of our meal have been brought home and will be used for our supper tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

Anyone else having trouble getting blogger to upload pictures?


  1. Happiest Anniversary...glad he thought of it in time to celebrate...
    I haven't had any pic loading problems...but I might by tomorrow.

  2. I tried to upload pictures on blogger directly from my iPhone, but it wouldn't do it for me. :(

    Happy Anniversary!! My Hubby gets me yellow roses for our anniversary too.