Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Roundup

All has been quiet here, we have had almost a full week of lovely weather (the lowest temperature being -12 C  and the highest 0 C in the morning). I loved being able to get out and walk. Today was not quite as nice as it has been, not that it was cold, more that a heavy freezing fog moved in. While the trees look lovely covered with hoar frost, it felt damp and because visibility (even in the city) was bad I stuck to an area around my home. Hopefully I can get a walk in tomorrow with no fog to keep me contained to this area.

As far as projects go this week.....

The finished lily cross stitch. I found some orange fabric that might just enable me to make this into a pillow. Then again I do have some green fabric that could be used as well.

Evenings are spent knitting, curled up in my favorite chair and watching various programmes on the television. This is going to be my new shawl/wrap. I call the pattern my dishcloth shawl. Mainly because it is fashioned using the same pattern as the first dishcloth I made. It is on a bigger scale though.

I have picked my next cross stitch kit out and sorted the threads. I am hoping to make another flower based one and turn it into a pillow also. I can perhaps recycle two of the older pillows in the living room.

I have also gathered together all the partial skeins and wound balls of yarn. I think I will make a blanket of many colours for my next knitting project. Just have to figure out how to combine all the strange colours together so the darn thing looks decent.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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