Friday, July 28, 2017

Frugal Friday

It has been very warm this past week. There has only been one day where we were able to turn on the air conditioning later in the day. So frugal is very important.

1.  Laundry done as frugally as possible. I even hung the towels on the lines (threw them in the dryer just to fluff for 10 min. Harvey hates crunchy towels).

2.  Picked cherries to make wine. Then picked more cherries to make pie filling. I made 4 plastic containers, each of which will make one pie or a couple of crisps. Saved a total of $11.33 by doing this rather than buying canned pie filling from a store..

3  Picked more cherries today to dehydrate tomorrow.

4.  Used up all the cotton yarn ends. I now have 11 dishcloths that I can use as gifts or keep for myself when the others wear out.

5.  I have kept spending as low as possible this week.

6.  Dehydrated herbs for use this winter. Still lots to do though.


1.  Ended up tossing some salad fixings.

2.  Costs were a bit higher than planned for the new front steps (but well worth it).

3.  I had bought a pair of sandals at the end of last summer. I can't wear them as they cut my toes (I have wide feet and one foot swells a bit by the end of the day) so they will need to be donated and I ended up buying another pair.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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