Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lazy Day

First off I will answer a question from my last post. The smoker is totally separate from the BBQ, however he has both of them right across from each other. The smoker also runs on electricity while the BBQ runs on propane. The brand name of the smoker is Pit Boss.

I got my feather bed topper today so put it on the rather bumpy mattress. Harvey says that when he used to go to meetings in Alberta for work the hotel they stayed in had them and they were wonderful. We shall see if I can manage to sleep better with it. Sure hope so, I could use a more comfortable sleep.

Harvey also got his USB hub as well. So he is a happy camper. He has a habit of breaking the USB ports in any computer he has. Hopefully this hub works for him.

I have had a very lazy day over all. I did little things around the house, made my grocery list, ordered some mask filters on Amazon (that are going to take at least a month to get here). I tidied the sewing/ craft room, started to knit a pair of socks, did some walking, and got my letter ready to mail to the United Kingdom.

I also set up the new propane fire table and lit it with Harvey's help. Hopefully the weather warms up enough to have fires very soon. 

Pictures of the fire table and smoker coming soon. The weather is not really cooperating.

Tomorrow after shopping, Harvey and I will head across the street to cut down a few branches from the willow trees at another neighbours. More wood to season and use next year once it is seasoned. Hopefully we can find a few more branches on our own maples that need trimming.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I hope the bed topper works for you, I have one and I just love it, my sleep have improved significantly, it's just so comfortable.

  2. I hope everyone's safe and staying safe. I just read that the virus is mutating and getting much more dangerous. I don't want to alarm anyone but it's time to get right with God, cause this is getting downright scary! Stay home and stay safe, guys!

  3. So glad you had a resting day. Especially with the cold. Gooood!

    Not familiar with a smoker. But we do not care for smoked meat. So guess it would not work here. But I'm so glad your husband is enjoying it!!!!

    Stay safe!

  4. Some days are less busy than others and that's okay. Enjoy your fire table, it appears the weather this weekend will be much better!

  5. Sounds like a lot of good things going on. How does he break the USB ports? Here's hoping the new one lasts.