Sunday, December 23, 2012

Challenge # 3 for the New Year

My third challenge for the upcoming New Year is to use what we have to the best advantage, to recycle more, and find new and inventive ways of using up what we do have.

In previous posts I have talked about my stash of fabric and yarn. Now I do know that any serious crafter has quite the stash, but I am noticing that some of the items are getting....well a little outdated looking. Here is where my inventiveness will come in to play.

Money was spent on these items and they are NOT going to waste!!!

Now I do know that I am going to want new yarn or fabric, so I am going to haunt the Salvation Army to see if there is anything I can take apart, or rip back and use for crafting. Who knows perhaps I will start refashioning some of my clothing!!

Another part of this challenge is to finish all of those UFP's that are haunting my dreams lately. I have made a pledge to myself that until at least two projects I set aside are done I will not start anything new. Thinking that this will give me incentive to get more done.

Hopefully this will save money and my sanity over the next few months of tightening the budget.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. (Hopefully will have pictures in a few days once we get home of our Christmas here in Drumheller).

God bless.


  1. I inherited a good quantity of my Mom's fabric stash, and quite a lot of it is rather out-dated looking too. I think that I may use a technique I learned (from my first night at Quilter's Guild) called Strip piecing or maybe it was string piecing? I can't recall exactly, it was almost 9 years ago.
    But easy enough to do, just use a foundation piece of muslin (we used 6 inch squares) and then machine piece the strips of fabric onto it, kind of like how you'd do foundation paper piecing (here's good tutorial on that here, she's long-winded but very thorough). Just make sure that your strips are longer than the width of your muslin square.
    Anyhow, some of Mom's old fabric is what I'd call ugly, but even ugly quilts will keep you warm.
    Oh sorry, you were talking about your projects, and I yapped on about one of my plans for outdated fabric -- It's just that your comment "Money was spent on these items and they are NOT going to waste!!!" is exactly how I feel too.

    As for refashioning clothing, I have a couple of shirts that don't fit me that I'm thinking of refashioning into shirts or dresses for Dd2.

    ;) Your ideas have got me all excited about doing similar things at my house.

    =) Gayle

  2. Okay, I've done some digging around on Google. And that technique I learned so long ago is called string piecing, (here is a nice tutorial on doing it exactly as I learned it other than the size of the foundation block: I've been calling it the wrong thing for all these years, lol.

    =) Gayle

  3. I was on esty,just looking around, and I came across where a woman had made Christmas Tree Ornaments out of cloth, and used Cinnamon sticks as tree trunks. They looked like little Triangle trees with Cinnamon stick air fresheners. A few years ago I started making Christmas place mats for my co-workers, when I got laid off. I didn't feel like finishing my place mats, so I just put them in a Container, put them in my basement, and had a hard time trying to come up with a project to use them. But they are now becoming Triangle Christmas trees with Cinnamon stick tree trunks ornaments.