Sunday, December 30, 2012

Challenge #4 For The New Year

My fourth challenge for the upcoming year is to continue combining trips in order to save gas and cash. My reasoning is this, if I combine my trips together I will spend less time in the stores, thereby saving!

On a forum I belong to we have a No Spend Challenge every month. Now there is always something that needs to be bought, or bills to pay, but by combining trips to the grocery, paying bills on line, and going straight to and from my subbing gigs I have cut down on spending, plus the use of the vehicle and the fuel to run said vehicle!! I chose to do categories for this challenge. I have three I use: Allowable Spend --- that is groceries, bills and things that have to be paid no matter what
No Spend --- these are days when I spend nothing whatsoever
Spend --- these are days when I spend money that I shouldn't have, or that is not budgeted for

This past month I have done very well, even with our trip. I am hopeful that I will make the number of No Spend Days I chose. I am going to try and increase these days each month next year.

Take today for instance. I needed fuel for the next two weeks, and we were at Mass anyway, so I had Harvey drop by the bank to pick up the cash for our household after Mass. From there we went to the grocery store and I picked up what I needed, and then to the gas station for fuel. We then arrived back home and as I put the groceries away, Harvey made us a brunch of bacon and eggs. We were only gone for an hour longer than if we would have come straight home from Mass. We also saved warming the car up again, and a trip back to the bank and the other stops were on the way home as well.

Tomorrow will be spent at home getting a few things accomplished and watching the New Year arrive. It will also be a No Spend Day to finish out the old year.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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