Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekly Menu Plans

It is that time of week again. Here are my menus for the upcoming week.


Roast beef with roasted potatoes and carrots. I hope there is enough drippings to make gravy.


A Hamburger helper type meal. Nice and quick and all in one pot (hopefully).


Salmon patties, the leftover mashed potatoes from Saturday, and corn niblets (think I will mix in some green pepper for colour and texture).


Leftover Hamburger helper meal with baking powder biscuits.


Leftover Ham made into I had hoped Scalloped potatoes and Ham, but I am out of our potatoes so will just warm the slices up and serve with rice, and green beans....Or perhaps stuffed into green peppers and baked with lots of cheese.


Perogies, sour cream.....


Chicken Cordon Bleu, potatoes (I will have gone shopping for produce and dairy at this time), and sliced frozen carrots.

I am trying very hard to keep shopping to a minimum this month and if I do buy, just buy enough to see us through until we come back from Kurt's place. It is also saving us a bit of cash that we can use for the trip.

I fell outside on some ice today when I went for a walk. I am too old to be falling on my tushie and causing myself pain. I guess until the ice and snow leaves the prairies I will be using the treadmill. Darn, I hate walking inside. However better a boring walk than injuring myself and ending up in the hospital or laid up on the couch. I don't think Harvey would do well without me.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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