Friday, April 12, 2013

Cold and Damp

Well today dawned cold and snowy and while the temperature has come up a bit, it is still a miserable day. Just another one of those it is best to stay in and vegetate days.

I have spent some of this morning trying to get my errands done before the so called storm hits, but in doing so have ended up with a chill that I just can not find a cure for. Cups of hot tea and curling up in a blanket are doing no good what so ever. Guess I will just have to suffer the chill for awhile longer.

One of the teachers at the school I subbed at this week mentioned that we have had snow on the ground for 6 months.....I think it might just be the year that spring never arrives, hopefully we will move into summer with a bang as I do not think that my fellow Saskatchewanites are ready for a year round winter as of yet.

While moving around clothing last week I came upon some clothing belonging to our youngest son. I have sent an email off to see if he wants any of it as most of the items are at least 7 or more years old. I may just get the chance to recycle more clothing into usable quilting material. Or at least I hope so.

The tablecloth I am embroidering is moving along slowly but surely. I will post a picture when it is completely finished. It will make a fine addition to my limited amount of table linens.

Earlier this week I cleaned my curio cabinet. Wiped all my angels and rearranged them on the shelves. Thought I would share a picture of them with you all. Each one has a story and holds a special place in my heart.

I have a few others scattered around the house and garden, but these beauties stay inside.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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