Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Monday for the week of April 22 to April 28

Here we are at another Monday and a new week of menus that may or may not get changed around due to circumstances beyond my control (not really but I have always wanted to say that).


The last of the leftover turkey from Easter will be used. I plan on making Turkey Tetrazzini and using up the cauliflower and broccoli as the sides for this meal.


Spaghetti and meat sauce. I make my sauce with lots of onions, celery, grated carrots, and mushrooms so we should get at least a serving of vegetables here. Adding lots of vegetables allows me to cut down on the meat a little bit. Making lots so I can make Baked Spaghetti later in the week.


Pork chops, rice, and mixed peas and carrots.


Baked spaghetti. I work this day so this will be quick and easy to prepare when I get home.


Salmon Casserole with lots of added veggies. A meal in a dish type item.


Leftovers. There is bound to be some from the week that needs to be used.


A wonderful Beef Roast with mashed potatoes, carrots and side salad.

So there it is, what I have planned for the week. These meals will be made from leftovers, my shopping, and what I have in the freezers and cupboards. Making use of all leftovers and getting your monies worth is what life is all about. Our grocery budgets are where we have the most control over our spending and being frugal it is what a person looks at first.

I have found that by prepackaging leftovers for the freezer in what I need to prepare another meal we no longer munch on that extra 2 lbs of roast beef until it is gone. Instead I can pull out a package of frozen beef and use it to make another wonderful meal for the two or three of us (depending if the boys are home or not). Thus saving money and time.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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