Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Well I finished another goal today and once my vest is washed and ready to show all of you I will post a picture of the finished project.

I just finished posting the scarves on the family Facebook page. Hope I get some buyers. It would be nice to make some cash from a hobby.

I also started back working on my rug. I got two rounds sewn on to it and hope to make more cord over the next week. My last goal for this month was to get more done on this project. Looks as if this goal will be met as well.

It is very cold here even though the sun is shining and we have very little wind. Why is it that every time I work in one of the schools the temperature plummets? Perhaps I need to stop subbing and the weather will get more the way it should be for February.

Kurt phoned tonight and it was nice to hear his voice. He has been paying an extra $100.00 on his mortgage every month and was quite surprised that he has cut almost 5 years off his mortgage. He tells me that once he gets his car paid off that payment is going on his mortgage as well. I think we raised a very smart young adult.

Harvey really wants to travel next spring so we are working on getting some cash put aside for spending or to help pay for the trip. Right now our change jars are getting pretty full and I have started to put away any extra two and one dollar coins that come my way. Hopefully we won't have to take very much out of savings to fund this trip. We are thinking Greece and Italy this time around with the same tour company to get an even bigger discount on our trip (saving money is a good thing).

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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