Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Update

What started out as a replacement of a few boards on our deck has now turned out to be a total dismantling of said deck and the moving of all items from the deck.

Turns out there were a whole lot of rotten wooden boards!!!. I just hope we get it back to normal very soon. This repair could take longer than planned, something that neither Harvey or I had planned for.

Right now I have plants scattered through the yard and they really need to be back where they belong.

I will share a few pictures of where they are now.

My herbs are scattered all over the front patio, not placed nicely at all. I have a few planters that belong on the deck here as well.

 This lovely basket and its mate are the only two plantings placed where they should be, right by the entrance we use daily.

The donkey cart is where I want it, but the flowers around it (all except the long box) are not. They should be up on the deck.

These mini rose bushes should be on the back deck as well. Hmmm, they really don't look that bad on the corner of the entrance deck. Perhaps I will leave them there.

Everything is topsy turvy and it is driving me nuts. I have lots of items on the lawn in the back yard. Hopefully, before my OCD kicks in we will be well on the way to having everything back in it's place and all will be right in my world. Right now however I feel like things are so out of order that I will never find my peaceful place again. I want to be able to enjoy my coffee on the back deck, surrounded by the beauty of the flowers I planted.......

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.
God bless.

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  1. As my DH says, 'There are no simple home improvement projects.'
    Hang in there ... it will get done, and you'll have a lovely deck to enjoy again.