Monday, May 12, 2014

Menu Monday

Beginning of a new week and the beginning of what looks to be more normal temperatures for this time of year. It is still getting cold at night though so planting anything that is above ground will have to wait a bit.


Baked Spaghetti, sliced cucumbers as a side.


Leftover roast pork made into a pork casserole (lo mein type).


Clean out the fridge. This will most likely be the leftover Baked Spaghetti served with a salad.


Grilled Hot Dogs, and macaroni salad along with the leftover salad from last night.


Youngest DS will be home sometime this evening if every thing goes according to plans.

Lazy Perogy Casserole.


This was going to be leftover Beef Roast, but I think I will change and make Chicken Cordon Bleu here. Served with mashed potatoes and mixed peas and carrots.


Grilled Steak, baked potatoes (or cooked in foil) and a salad. I might have to pick up a steak for Kris but that is okay.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Hey Jackie.

    Don't know if you remember me or not, but I used to blog all the time and visited you a lot. I am wanting to get back into blogging again. I just made a new post to see if it would post and now doing a little visiting to see who all still blogs.

    Karen H.

  2. Hey Jackie. Thank you for stopping by. I made a new post just now and added some pictures. If you know of any good blogs that I would enjoy, please send them my way. Take care.

    Karen H.

  3. Hello Jackie. Hope this finds you doing good. Thanks for stopping by and yes, she has grown up on me and way too fast. She has a part-time job she has been working at since February. They have cut her hours some and she went for an interview at another place yesterday and then had to go back today and talk to the manager. He told her he would let her know something after tomorrow. Could you please send me some neighbors my way? I would greatly appreciate it. Right now, you seem to be the only one stopping by. I guess everyone else has quit and just does Facebook now. Take care my friend and hope you have a wonderful evening.

    Karen H.

  4. Hello again Jackie. Just thought I would drop by and see how you are doing? It's been rather hectic around here this week. I just made a new post. It's been a rainy and cooler than normal week here. Take care my friend and hope to see you soon.

    Karen H.