Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sharing My Life Pt.1

You know something. In all the years I have been blogging, I really don't think I have shared very much of my life. I think it is time to take care of that deficiency.

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia

I am the oldest of four children, three of which were born in Vancouver. The youngest was born in Ontario.

At the age of 4 we packed our bags and moved east. My Dad worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and he had been transferred to the Toronto offices. I remember flying and having my Uncles help my Dad get us off the small plane.....

Our home was a three bedroom bungalow on Graylee, just off Brimley, south of Eglington. Our backyard faced the creek. We had wonderful views and lots of space. Well that is until 3 large apartment buildings were built behind us as well as a few townhouses. Those all were entered off of Danforth. It was also down Danforth where my favorite of all places was located.... The public library!!!

I started kindergarten at Glen Ravine Public School about 8 blocks away from where we lived.

Not quite how I remember the school. For some reason I remember lots of trees surrounding the playground. I attended this school until the end of grade 3.

My next school was Knob Hill. This school was only a couple of blocks away and I never could figure out why we had to go to Glen Ravine first..... Actually I would cut through our backyard, walk a narrow lane beside the creek, go through the park and be at the school in minutes.

This is the kindergarten end of the school. The elementary end is a bit to the right. However the office was pretty much right inside the front doors pictured here.  I attended this school up to and including grade 8. I had some wonderful teachers two of which I remember with great fondness.... Mr. Story and Miss. Watson. I made some great friends here and attended my first boy/girl parties here.

At the end of grade 8 about 1/2 the students left to attend David and Mary Collegiate. The other half (which included me) attended Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute better known as M.A.C.I.

Not the best photograph of a place that I remember very fondly. I loved high school, played basketball, volleyball, took part in track, played badminton, and of course made many friends. I hated to leave, but at the end of my grade 11 year, my father quit working for The Bay and we packed up once again.

This time we headed back west, to the area where my parents came from.

 I ended up taking my grade 12 year in Yorkton at the Regional. Hmmm, imagine moving from a province that had a grade 13 to a province that did not understand what in fact grade 13 was. I ended up taking classes over like physics and chemistry that I had already taken. Boring year that I only did what I had to do to pass. I did make a few good friends though.

I will share more of my life in a couple of days. Hope I did not bore you all with my trip through memory lane.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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