Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Busy Beginning

Well it looks as if my busy time on the old homestead is beginning. The garden is starting to produce by leaps and bounds, I spent most of my day just picking and preparing veggies and fruit.

First thing this morning I picked one row of beans.

A rather large steel bowl full of green beans. Some were washed and put in the fridge to be used for upcoming meals. The rest were snipped and blanched. Put in freezer bags and placed in the freezer. I still have one row left to pick but that can wait until tomorrow.

Next I started drying herbs. What could be snipped off my basil plant and oregano plants was washed and then put in the dehydrator.

I think I will be doing parsley tomorrow first thing.

Next I picked the last of the rhubarb.

These are washed and sliced. Right now the slices are residing in containers in the fridge ready to be made into loaves and cake for the freezer. Nice to pull out when we want a bit of sweet for a special treat.

A head of romaine lettuce was next on the list. Washed and prepared for use during meals for the rest of the week, and probably into next week as well.

You would think this was enough for one day wouldn't you? Nope there was more appearing every time I would get out there.

These zucchini soon found their way inside. I washed them up and shredded them (too big for anything else) and now some shredded zucchini await usage this winter in the freezer.

Three cucumbers now reside in the crisper. I can use them as sides on their own or mixed into the lettuce.

I then got a bit of time to do some work on my cross stitch. It was only half an hour but at least I got a bit more completed on that little (do you sense some sarcasm here) project.

Now I am working on Harveys birthday pie. Hopefully that will be done before two long. I just have to wait for the cream cheese to soften a bit more. Baking the pie shell as I type. Well, I thought I was baking the pie shell. My oven seems to be having a bit of a problem...... It may take awhile to warm up as only one element is working. Hope to get it fixed tomorrow as Harvey thinks an element is burned out.

Off to do some work on the rug project and get this pie shell baked.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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