Thursday, July 31, 2014

The End Of Another Month

Boy did July speed past. Where did the month go?????

Here is where I stand on my goals for this month.

1. Continue with my cross stitch project. I have been doing this one for a bit each day.
2. Copy recipes as I have way too many written in various notebooks and stuck into binders. Yes, I managed to clean out two binders of notebooks which contained recipes I don't even know why I copied.
3. Start Christmas gifts. Started Kris's Christmas gift and have plans for the others.
4. Cut out and sew 5 items. Fell down on this one, I did get 5 patterns cut out but only 3 sewn.
5. Do more decluttering. I am considering the cleaning up of recipes as my decluttering for this goal.
6. Work on my own rug when Kris is home (have to hid his Christmas present). Nope did not do this at all.

So all in all not too bad.

Today I made a rhubarb sponge pie, as well as my bread crumbs.

As soon as I am sure these are dried they will be covered and put in the cupboard.

Thought I would show you all a picture of the rug I am making for Kris. I started the second ball of yarn yesterday, so things are moving right along.

The next section will be the goldy brown and the final section will be the dark brown. Hopefully it will be done well before Christmas.

Back tomorrow with my goals for August.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


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