Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Old Fashioned Threshing Bee and More

Today Harvey and I made a trip to Crosby, North Dakota. In all the years we have lived here we have never made the trip to see the annual threshing bee and this year we decided it was an adventure we needed to take in. So today, we jumped in the car and spent 5 hours immersed in the past.

After eating dinner we lined up to watch the parade. But first we gazed at a few old cars.

A friend of ours drove this beauty in the parade.

Aren't these beautifully restored. There were many more, some from as far away as California and Texas!!

The parade started at 1 pm. We could have taken many more pictures than we did, but I will share a few with you.
There were a few horse drawn carriages and buggies to start things off. I fell in love with the matched pairs. They were so gorgeous.

Next came some old tractors, many from Canada and a few were the only surviving ones. Two of the only known survivors came from Canada, nice to be well represented.

Now this next one is a bit newer, (not really new though) but Harvey can remember having one of these John Deere D's on the farm.

He says that his sister's drove this one more than he ever did.

I will share more pictures of this day next week. We took a great many of them.

Harvey enjoyed his day away from yard work, and anything that makes him happy makes me happy as well (at least he can't complain that I keep him chained to work this way). We have actually decided that more of these one day trips away will be of great benefit to both of us.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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