Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monthly Goals An Update and A New List For July

First a wrap up on my goals for last month.

1.     Continue with the rug project. Did work on this every night, and afternoons that were bright enough to sew the cord on.
2.     Continue with the Angel cross stitch I started oh so many years ago. Did work on this the afternoons that the sun shone, not as many as I would have liked however.
3.     Continue with my daily early morning walks and try oh so hard to add a block or two each week. When the sun shone I walked, when it didn't I couldn't so there were many more no walking days then walking days.
4.     Clean and organize the kitchen cupboards. I really do not know how they get so messed up with only two of us at home most of the time. Completely done and I am so happy.
5.     Sew the patterns I cut out last month and perhaps get that jacket sewn as well. This is completely done as well.

Do not know why I can not remove the highlight on the first one, but oh well Blogger sometimes has a mind of it's own.

I have 6 more goals for this month.

1. Continue with my cross stitch project.
2. Copy recipes as I have way too many written in various notebooks and stuck into binders.
3. Start Christmas gifts.
4. Cut out and sew 5 items.
5. Do more decluttering.
6. Work on my own rug when Kris is home (have to hid his Christmas present).

I think I can handle all of these. It is after all the summer holidays up here in Canada and no subbing will be on the horizon until the fall.

One more thing. Wishing all my Canadian readers,

Happy Canada Day

We live in an awesome country!!!!

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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