Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Tid Bits

After the disaster with my oven last night, Harvey got it up and working today. I just can not be without an oven and a toaster oven just won't cut it in this house.

It is his birthday today, Harvey turned 64 so to get him to work on his birthday means a great deal to me.

I made him the dinner he wanted, fresh fish (well fish he caught a few days ago), oven fries and beans that I picked yesterday. His birthday pie will be enjoyed a bit later.

I went and visited with my sister, niece, great nephew, and great niece this afternoon. I had a wonderful time catching up on all their news and getting to know the little ones a bit better.

This is Rylan. He is three years old and full of energy.

He does not like getting his picture taken and it took me a long time to get this one. I first had to take a picture of Dolly.

Dolly, just happens to be his mothers old Cabbage Patch doll.

This is his little sister, Arya.

She was much more interested in the camera and my purse than even thinking of smiling!

After a few hours of drawing and crawling on the floor I was on my way home.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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