Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

After a very rainy day yesterday it was sunny but quite cool out. Hoping that we do not get frost tonight, as I don't want to have to cover everything in the garden.

I spent yesterday busy processing garden produce.

The first four of 16 trays of cucumber slices. I decided to try my hand at dehydrating them. These are BBQ flavoured. I made 8 trays of this flavour and 8 trays of just salted one. They are really quite tasty and will make a lovely chip for dipping or eating out of hand.

The free apples I got from my neighbour being made into......

These lovely containers of Apple Pie filling. Each container will make 2 pies or three crisps, I have been promised more this week so I am hoping to get a few more containers made.

I also finished my knitting project.

I need to perfect my duplicate stitching as I think the pom pom eyes are just a tiny bit weird. Then again they are monster leggings for an infant.

Tomatoes were frozen, but I am sure you are tired of pictures of that so I won't make you suffer through more.

Started another knitting project which I hope will be finished quickly, I want to make some more of the leggings and get them out for sale.

Every body have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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