Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Tid Bits

It has been a dismal day here. Cloudy, drizzling off and on, the only nice thing was it has been cool and we have not had to have the air conditioning on at all.

Plants were watered, garden picked and some of the produce given away. I managed to get 6 large cucumbers, and some cherry tomatoes. Harvey picked corn and some large tomatoes. A lovely harvest to tide us over a few days.

This is the first year we have grown something called White Sweet Corn, and while the ears were a little immature they tasted just lovely!!

An ear for each of us, smothered in butter with a sprinkle of salt. What could be better? I am hoping that the rest of the crop will be ready to pick and eat soon.

I went and visited with my bed ridden friend again today. We had a lovely visit and spoke about what has been happening in our lives. Since we are in the midst of an election campaign we even got into politics a little bit, both of us are hoping for a bit of an upset in this election. But that will only happen if everyone gets out and votes.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. That corn looks great! You're having a good year in the garden.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    We got about 2 inches of rain yesterday which was badly needed and today it is a little cooler....Book Club was at Panera Bread and we were able to sit outside until about 11;15, Then it began to warm up...

    Did you get to see the debate? I wish we could believe that the candidates will do what they say...I liked some of what I heard.
    Have a good weekend,
    Mama Bear