Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

Today was the beginning of the annual rummage sale at the parish. This is put on by the CWL every year at around this time. I am not a CWL member, so doing a bit of shopping there is my way of supporting them.

I managed to pick up a few items.

I found a sleeve board. Something I have often looked at in stores but never purchased due to the price being ridiculously high! I got this one for $2.00 and boy will it come in handy when ironing those set in sleeves when sewing.

A book of cross stitch patterns. These can be used for cards and small projects. Bought for $1.00

Another $1.00 saw me buying this old cookbook (well a thirty year old cookbook). I have spent a bit of time looking at the recipes and I am really going to enjoy this one. Some recipes are very frugal, while others would be a bit costly to make at this time.

Three novels to read this winter when I run out of reading material from the library or free downloads onto my ereader. These should keep me happily engrossed for awhile, all for a cost of $1.50.

Two pieces of fabric (the brown flowered piece is about 3 meters and the blue green piece is 2.5 meters). Both pieces together cost me $3.00 a steal of a deal in my books.

Lastly I picked up this.

I am hoping that this nifty little gadget will make it much easier to get chopped food off my cutting board. After all Rachel Ray uses one to great effect on her show!!

My entire haul only cost me $8.75!!

I have also been using up the bits and pieces of bagged, frozen roasted meat in the fridge freezer for our meals for the last little bit. The freezer is getting cleaned out and we are having some excellent use it up meals.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I've just received a free meal in a container from my DD. We'd been discussing recipes yesterday and she's prepared one I fancy. Lovely surprise.

  2. Some great bargains there, Jackie! I keep forgetting that the northern hemisphere is going into winter and that you are getting prepared for the cold.:-)

  3. I love rummage sales! You found some great items, particularly the fabric and the sleeve board.