Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a busy week on the old homestead.

Harvey pulled down a couple of walls and the ceiling in the original basement. I helped haul things up stairs once again.

Then on Friday I spent the morning and most of the afternoon making Cabbage Bread for the winter.

We now have 4 dozen of these lovely cabbage, onion and ground beef filled buns in the freezer. They make a quick meal during the winter.

I dried more green peppers, and various herb for use. Almost have the spice and herb containers filled.

Then on Saturday we made our trip to Regina to price out finishing items for the basement (floor coverings and wall coverings), do a bit of a stock up on groceries and cleaning supplies at Costco, Michael's and Fabricland. We also got to spend the day with Kris.

Kris informed us that he was offered another position at his place of employment. He now answers to another boss, the big boss of all marketing in Surrey BC. It will mean a bit of a raise and a job title. It also means we don't have to worry about him losing his job for awhile (the economy here is terrible for big machinery).

Here are a couple of pictures of my haul from Michael's and Fabricland.

First Michael's. Can anyone ever have too much yarn???? It was such a good sale that I couldn't pass it by. I have already started a simple rectangular shawl with the variegated pink yarn. I actually just went there to pick up some more embroidery floss that I needed for Kurt's Christmas gift.

Then it was off to Fabricland.

I bought some needed spools of thread (buy one get one free), some spools of embroidery thread to add to my collection, canvas upholstery material to recover the outside cushions for next year (the yellow, blue and teal fabric) and the deep purple sweater knit to make either a dress or top for the winter. I think I was fairly restrained.

Our biggest expense was grocery and cleaning supply stock up at Costco. Once again the bill was close to $600.00. I did buy quite a bit of meat and most of the cleaning supplies will last at least 4 or more months. This does save us money in the long run.

Today I have been nursing my back and hips. I can't sit for very long so I only got a small amount of cross stitching done (part of Kurt's Christmas gift), a small amount of the shawl knit, a tiny bit of reading done and supper on the table. Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit easier. I hope so as it is my big up and down the stairs day, as well as working around the house.

Looking forward to having both our sons home for Thanksgiving next week. Must remember to make a birthday cake and pies for the weekend.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Good news about Kris's job Jackie. I'm sure he deserves it. I've just done a big shop today. Sometimes you've just got to stock up when you can, especially if there's a great offer or you have to travel a long distance to a particular store. I got a couple of really good bargains and bought lots (i.e. 8 bags) of organic pasta that was on offer at 37p per bag. It will keep us going for a while.