Friday, September 30, 2016

Month End Update for September

Well, it is time to see how well I have managed to get my goals completed for this past month.

1.  Sew tops. Done.

2.  Jay's Christmas gift. Done.

3.  Jerry's Christmas gift.  Done.

4. Unfinished goals from August.  Not done.

5.  Cut out dress.  Done.

6.  Cut out jacket.  Done.

7.  Sew dress.  Not done

8.  Sew jacket.  Done.

9.  Start Kurt's Christmas gift.  Items needed are gathered together to start.

10.  Have 17 no spend days.  I had 20 no spend days this month....exceeded my goal.

11.  Harvest garden and herbs.  Still managing to harvest a few herbs almost every day to dehydrate.

Eight out of 11 so not too bad.

This month, along with all the rubbish taken out of the basement due to the demolition of various areas, I managed to remove 54 items from the house. My total so far for this year is 867 items. I am hoping to reach the number 1000 this year. I am so very close.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Doing great Jackie. Better than me on the decluttering front. Well done.

  2. other than basement cleanup, Oct must have been a pretty good month for was good for us, too.