Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Ramblings

Cooler day today, and from the looks of the weather forecast things will be cool for the next little while.

The church was packed today, probably because it was Palm Sunday. Lots of unfamiliar faces, but lots of familiar ones as well. So nice to see the faces of some of my old youth group attending Mass.

Quiet day as I am still not too steady on my feet at times. In fact today was a bit worse than yesterday. I am hoping that this bout of whatever (I have a feeling that all you who said vertigo are correct) is over very soon. Only moving my head small increments, and walking very slowly is getting to me.

I was at our library early last week and came home with these.

My fiction fix for the week. I just have one Anne Perry left to read, and the Stephen King. Probably heading back to the library again early next week.

I pulled these out of my bookcase. One belonged to my father and the other two I picked up at various garage and rummage sales.

I am hoping to get started making my own cleaners and some homemade body care items. I am loving my body scrubs from The Body Shop, but think I could make my own at a fraction of the cost. The same goes for bath salts, and hand lotion (a friend makes lotion bars and swears by them).  The other one, well, I am going to see if I can glean any new savings tips. Prices are continuing to rise, and we are on a set income (we could take more out of savings, but I really don't want to).

Lastly, here are the Moonflowers I planted at the beginning of the month.

They popped up very quickly. I do have more seed left and I think I may just direct sow them into one of my longer flower boxes and make a trellis for them to climb.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Jackie, ask your doc if you could have benign positional vertigo. It has to do with ear crystals moving out of place and can be corrected easily with a manuever called the Epley maneuver. I have had it, and if this is what you have, it is easily cured. Mary