Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday

The house is quiet. Kris left yesterday morning for home, taking a few items with him and helping me declutter the house a bit. There are still a few items I need to send with him, but gradually his items are disappearing. Along with the tin foil meals I made him, and a loaf of home made bread. He should be set for awhile.

Thrifty happenings around here today were:

Drying the ends and small pieces of bread to make bread crumbs.

Using up leftovers for our lunch today (will probably use more tomorrow as well).

Hemmed Harvey's dress pants from Christmas.

Using up those balls of sock yarn making myself some new socks.

Lights turned off in rooms not in use.

Reading a free downloaded book on my ereader.

Found a couple of new knitting patterns that will enable me to use up more of my yarn stash.

The days are getting longer, and once they warm up I hope to get out and do some more cleaning up in the yard. Planting our garden, harvesting rhubarb, and enjoying hanging laundry out to dry are things I am really looking forward to.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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