Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Ramblings

This week has gone by much too quickly, the days since Thursday have sped right on by.

Friday, we headed into Regina, picked up Kris, had supper out and went to the football game. It was disappointing to say the least (not the time spent with Kris, but the game itself). The stadium was pretty empty, and the Roughriders lost the game.... Badly. Thank heavens it was just a preseason game and they have a week to get things together. I hope they play better next Friday.

Saturday I baked bread, picked rhubarb, and the two of us started to clean up the back of the basement. We still have work to do, but it is coming together nicely. I hope we finish it off early next week and I get to move some yarn totes out of the sewing/craft room.

I had every intention of doing some needed sewing. However, my intentions fell by the wayside. Instead I finished off the prayer shawl and started knitting scarves. Perhaps next week (or the week after) I can get back my sewing mojo.

Today, after a lengthy Mass in a very warm church, Harvey mowed the lawn, rototilled between the rows of the garden and bottled his dessert wine (aka Port). Me, well I did the usual Sunday chores, had coffee with a friend, went for a short walk, did my wrist and arm exercises, watered my flowers, made meals and knit. So pretty much a regular Sunday around here.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. You managed to achieve quite a bit, well done. I seem to be chasing myself around and not gettinguch done.