Monday, June 25, 2018

Menu Monday

I have been greeted by a lovely bank of fog this morning. It is keeping it fairly cool, but once the sun breaks through I think we could be in for a very hot and humid day.

I pushed through on the weekend and made my menu plan for next month. Subject to a few changes depending on how long Kurt and Kris plan on visiting for. I hope I remember how to cook for four!


Leftover beef roast made into a casserole (this could change to leftover chicken). I need to use up some cabbage so a slaw will be wonderful with this.


Leftover ham (last package from the previous ham) will be used up in probably a Scalloped potato and ham casserole. The leftover slaw would round this out nicely.


Clean out the fridge night. Surely there will be leftovers from two casseroles that need to be eaten. I will make a salad to go along with them.


Tuna pasta salad. It is that time of year for main dish salads and this is one of our favorites.


Trout fillets, homemade fries, and salad or perhaps the leftover Tuna pasta salad (I usually make a rather large batch of this).


Gone to the city for a football game. We will be eating out.


Pork Roast, roasted potatoes and perhaps roasted carrots. I may just make some peas and carrots though.

So there is the last of the June menus and the beginning of July's. 

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. I have been so off my menu planning/cooking game since returning from a road trip to SK on June 6. I did manage to plan a menu with family members who visited one w/e for a music festival. Then I ate leftovers for a week. I just returned from visiting my son and granddaughters who live 3+ hrs away. I put a boxed pizza on the BBQ; it was too hot to turn the oven on. It really is time to plan a menu and cook again.
    Monday - chicken parmesan (in the slow cooker) with pasta
    Tuesday - leftover chicken w/ salad
    Wednesday - bkft for supper (in a bowl, topped with hollandaise sauce, kind of like a deconstructed frittata. This was a menu item at one of the hotels we stayed at while on the road trip.)
    Thursday - roast pork in the slow cooker w/ grilled broccoli
    Friday - leftover roast pork with a green salad

    1. Your menu sounds lovely. That deconstructed frittata sounds intriguing.

      God bless.