Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday

We have been getting lots of rain over the last little while, so the rain barrel is full once again. I will be able to water all my plants with a watering can and free water for the next little while. During the dry season I wish we had a second rain barrel, but having a 250 gallon rain barrel leaves little room for another.

Our cat, Shania, has gone off her cat treats, but always seems to meow for them. I got tired of sweeping most of them up off the floor and decided to do something a bit different. We always have tiny pieces of meat from our meals leftover so I have put them in a container and am using them as her treats. Shania, gobbles them right up and they are probably much better for her than the store bought bags. Poor thing is getting old and deserves a bit of spoiling as she has brought us so much pleasure over the years. Shania will be 18 this year, not sure what that is in cat's years.

I repaired a couple of pillow cases this week, and cut up some of Harvey's old t-shirts to use as work rags.

Last summer our home was reassessed for property taxes. When I told her the front part of the house was built in 1921 (at least that was the first year of tax paid) the lady told me that it would more than likely lower our taxes. Today we got the assessment from the city (not the tax costs) and the assessment is almost $2,600.00 lower. Yes!! This means that we will be paying the same or lower property taxes. Makes me very happy as the tax rate went up a few mills this year. I guess they had the wrong information down on the year the house was built, letting the assessor know was the thrifty thing to do.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Wow, great news about the property taxes, well done for thinking to tell the assessor about the age of the property.

    Shania certainly has the good end of the deal with her new treats too!