Wednesday, January 23, 2019

All Is Quiet

Well, as quiet as it gets around the old homestead at any rate. Perhaps because we are getting ready for the upcoming snow and perhaps because things are not as hectic as they were before we left for my appointments, and the two days of not doing anything while we were gone.

I did my errands today as I did not want to be out and about in the middle of a blizzard. Driving in this city of sometimes rude drivers is not always safe at the best of times, little lone when you can't see drifts or the car in front of you. It wasn't really busy and I had phoned ahead for our prescriptions so every stop went smoothly.

I have been doing a bit more tidying in the sewing/craft room and have almost got it back to normal. Now if I can just keep it that way for awhile. Finding all sorts of interesting bits in there, of course they do not belong in that room and now I will have to find another place for them. There is a small pile of appliances and a roaster waiting to find a new home. Tomorrow will be the day!! I also want to get my second serger set out and threaded with dark thread so I can use it. Just have to find a spot for it. 

I do hope tomorrow is another quiet day as I would love to get some extra cleaning and more of my goals accomplished. Perhaps burning pictures to CD's is in order to make space on the computer, it is running pretty darn slow.

Off to have a bit of a snack (fruit as befits my low cholesterol diet) and then snuggling into the blankets with a good book and some reading time.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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