Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Thrifty Tuesday

The few sunny days we have had over the past week helped us save a bit on our gas costs. The front window faces south and really attracts the suns warming rays. The longer the furnace doesn't run the better it is for our bill. I also have thermal drapes to keep the heat in once I close them in the evening. Still every once in awhile especially in the early evenings, I seem to get a bit of a chill. At those times I wrap up in a shawl with a blanket on my lap and knitting in hand.

I am happy to say there has been little to no waste this week. Anything left over meal wise I have packaged up and frozen to be used in another meal later on, or put in a tinfoil meal for Kris. I am also trying a few new recipes (one was tonight) to use up leftovers. Some are keepers, some are complete failures. Still this enables me to expand our menu a little bit and to use up odds and ends that could (and did) stick around the cupboards for too long.

I did my mending this week. Just a couple of seams on a pillow case or two, but this extends some perfectly good linens for a bit longer.

I also found a pair of I believe Kris's pj bottoms that will be washed next week and cut up into rags. I always need more cleaning rags.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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