Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday Roundup

It is early in the morning here on the old homestead and our first full day where we are alone in our home. I am hoping to get some catching up around the house done today, as well as catching up online and in a few other areas of our lives. 

Kris saw his specialist on Thursday evening (we did not get out of the office until around 8 pm). So we went out for supper after.

While Kris was in the office we went and did his shopping (of course in another store I had no idea of where anything was located) and when we were done, headed back up to the specialists office. Kris was no longer in the waiting room (this was around 6:15) so of course we thought he was in seeing the doctor. 

Turns out he was in the clinic downstairs getting xrays (which is/was good) and struggled up for another bit of a wait sitting in a chair beside us.

Great thing is he is healing very well (must follow doctors orders though) and the staples have been removed. The incision is clean, no longer draining and there is no sign of infection. Kris is really happy about that, not so happy with the results of the questions he asked the doctor concerning when he can head back to work, put weight on his leg or drive......

He has another appointment at the end of March and things will be reassessed at that point. I will just keep telling him to follow the doctors orders.

Now I get to put my own home in order before I head up there again on Friday (providing the weather is such that I can go). I think it might be a weekly trip for me, and I will plan on spending the night (Harvey does not like me driving home in the dark for some reason, and since it is March and a very unpredictable month weather wise be sure to pack enough for a couple of days stay).

Kurt is doing well. He seems to be a bit down, but I will be phoning him again on Sunday just to talk. He has posted a bit more on social media though and that is a good thing to see once again. I think he might be a bit worried about the Easter trip he has planned for some of his students and whether or not it will be cancelled due to this Covid-19 virus.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Glad that Kris is doing as well as he is. He sounds like a typical male patient, impatient to be back into the swing of things. Best wishes to him and Kurt.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Glad all is going well with your son. Hope he can be patient and let himself heal properly.

  3. So glad to hear your son is on the mend albeit slowly. Things are getting cancelled left and right due to the virus. Very weird year.

  4. So glad about Kris and his healing. Oh yes, just keep doing as told! Don't take any chances on getting a setback.

    Perhaps the second person is another son.... Worried about the students' Easter trip.... Oh yes, so many planned things, may very well be upset...

    Please take some time, to rest yourself!!!! Go, go, go is not good for anyone. -smile-

  5. Sending good healing thoughts and prayers for your son.