Friday, June 16, 2023

Frugal Friday


A good frugal week has passed by. Mostly the usual frugality taking place here, but I did do a couple of new things.

1.  Found a honeysuckle just down the back alley and was told I could pick as many blossoms as I wished. I am keeping a very close eye on it.

2.  I made one batch of dandelion salve today and have enough to probably make two more batches. Plan on finishing making those tomorrow. Because I used olive oil as the carrying oil the completed salve will be good through the rest of this year into the fall of 2024. I tried it out on a slight ache in my fingers and it worked well. 

3.  Harvested more lavender and I am getting close enough to where I can add the oil. 

4.  Used up all of last years rhubarb and am now harvesting this years to freeze and bake with.

5.  Windows open for a change as the temperatures have cooled down a bit.

6. Still watching the free trial of Acorn. I keep finding shows that interest me. Free is good though.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Do you use beeswax and/or shea butter or both? I have no idea so forgive the silly questions. I have the dandelion oil with olive oil but that's as far as I've got.
    I can only dream right now of having enough rhubarb to freeze, unless I buy it. Maybe in a year or two, my own will produce enough!
    Free is definitely good!

  2. Northern Idaho, whereI live, has mostly dry summers.We have had 3 days of rain so far this summer and each time I turned off the sprinkler system for a day or two afterward. We have abundant water, but conserving is the right thing to do. Plus, I might save a little bit on my water bill.

    Otherwise, it's just the usual frugal stuff here.

  3. Take a couple cutting from the honeysuckle, they root quickly, just pop them into water. I love free plants and flowers.

  4. Sasktel is raising the rates on their cable television package again. I'm really thinking I need to consider streaming. My only issue is the lack of reasonably priced sports packages...they are never free.
    Good to hear the salve worked out.

  5. Too bad you're not close, we have one person on our street who's yard is full of dandelions. Sadly for the rest of us who try to keep them out of our lawns he does nothing to control them. Heck, I bet all the neighbors on the street would have helped you pluck as many as you wanted from his yard. Never heard of making salve from them...very interesting though. A hundred years ago, (when I was a kid, lol), I remember my Dad making Dandelion wine.

  6. Rhubarb, to buy, here is astronomically priced which always astounds me when you consider it's basically a weed. Just to get enough to make a pie would cost nearly $15 (mind you, the pies Resident Chef makes are deep dish so would require more). One reason to miss having our garden.