Friday, June 9, 2023

Frugal Friday


Another week gone by and I have been trying to find a few more frugal ideas. Checking Youtube video's, other blogs, and reading my frugal/simple living books to see what new ideas I can incorporate.

1.  Picked more lavender which is drying in my front window. I plan on trying to make a lotion or oil to use for my headaches.

2.  Finished the squirt bottle of bubble bath I was using as hand soap and put out a bar of strawberry scented that came in a gift box from Kris.

3.  Using appliances for cooking more to cut down on the power costs (especially as we have the air conditioner going) and so as not to heat the house.

4.  Still watching the free trial of Acorn. I will probably cancel on Sunday.

5.  Clothes, coats, and bedding all line dried this week.

6.  Got some free shorts from a friend to try on. One pair fits comfortably, the other two will be given to one of the secondhand stores here in town.

7.  Pulling the remaining rhubarb out of the freezer and will be making strawberry rhubarb jam out of it plus the strawberries I purchased that were on sale. Plan on doing that tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I wish I could be around lavender because I love the scent, but it doesn't agree with my allergies. Nor, alas, do lilacs.

  2. I've never tried strawberry rhubarb jam. We have rhubarb growing, must cut some more. We generally have cold cooked rhubarb with our morning cereal. Perhaps I should make a rhubarb crumble for pudding as well.

  3. You are so resourceful. I need to harvest my lavender. I’ve never made anything out of it - just potpourri. I plan to dry the seeds - to replant and also to do some starters from the stems. I’ve not done that before.

    Have a blessed weekend Jackie.

  4. Keeping the frugal flag flying Jackie. I admire that you are always looking for new ways to be more resourceful, as it's easy to get complacent when there's always more you can do.

  5. I'm at my daughter's, we'll have to check her rhubarb as I'm sure there will be some ready.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I haven't had strawberry rhubarb jam in ages (since my grandmother passed) & it sounds so delicious.

  7. I'm a new reader and enjoying your blog. I don't know what kind of headaches you have, but I wake up with a headache nearly every morning. It's not caffeine because I don't drink coffee and not a lot of tea. I think it is due to lack of hydration overnight. I find that if I drink one or two glasses of water, the headache goes away.