Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Midweek Once Again


It has cooled of slightly, but I still try to get most of the outside work done first thing in the morning. I also try to get any baking and/or jam making preserving done early as well. 

I have promised you pictures of my sewing escapades for awhile now, so I better make good.

Six summer tops to replace those that no longer fit properly or that were getting so old and threadbare that it was slightly scary to wear them.

Four pairs of shorts to replace those that no longer fit, or didn't fit properly.

One sundress to replace one that was probably 15 years old and just not suitable for a 67 year old woman to wear.

Harvey took off with his robe before I could take a picture. I will try and get one a bit later.

I have also been busy with a few other things over the past few weeks.

Dandelion oil strained and I am waiting for my order from Amazon to get started on the salve.

I got Harvey to smoke extra hamburgers and packaged them up in twos for the freezer.

In my quest to no longer waste anything. I took what was left of my homemade bread (it gets pretty crumbly) and this time made croutons.

The finished croutons along with Strawberry Rhubarb jam (used up the last few packages of last years frozen rhubarb), and a Rhubarb Strawberry Pie. 

Went out early this morning and got the first harvest of rhubarb. It is sliced and in the fridge. Some will be used to make muffins tomorrow morning, and the rest frozen for later.

I finished the knitted blanket for Kurt's friend and am concentrating on getting those mitts completed for him to take back with him after his short holiday with us. 

I keep adding to our list of items to take with us when we go on vacation. The various lists are getting pretty big now. 

Other than those things I have been busy watering, harvesting lavender (and drying it), cooking, cleaning and watching the weather closely. We are hoping for rain, but in looking at the forecast...not too likely.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.



  1. Sewing your own clothes is such an awesome skill to have. I used to sew a few clothing pieces but haven’t in like 40 years. I wish I hadn’t stopped. Buying clothing is such a chore and the styles are not to my liking - very disappointing.

    My husband also loves strawberry rhubarb pie. His mother used to make it. I don’t because I don’t know if I have ever even seen rhubarb in the produce section. Maybe someday I will surprise him.

    Thanks for a lovely post.

  2. You sure have been busy Jackie! I love all your sewing & the rhubarb looks delicious. Summer is a busy time of year with all the watering involved. xx

  3. Such a busy week and it sounds wonderfully productive. Good for you! xx

  4. We had a little rain last night. I haven't checked the rain gauge but we didn't get the deluge we've seen the last couple of times.
    You're always so busy and productive. The new summer items look great. And that rhubarb pie!

  5. Wow, Jackie, you've been super busy making all those lovely items of clothing. Must be nice to virtually have a whole new summer wardrobe. I admire how resourceful you are with your food too. I've almost emptied all of last year's crops out of the freezer now. Just some blackberries left, that I need to make into jam or frozen yoghurt.

  6. Okay girl if you can sew like that, you need to come down here and work for me.

  7. How nice to see your sewing. Six summer tops and four pair of shorts is quite an achievement, plus the sundress, you will be the best dressed lady on your street! I also made some croutons recently out of the end of some bread. They are nice added to soup, and also sprinkled over salads. My rhubarb was cooked up with some chopped apple and we are enjoying it with our breakfast cereal.