Friday, June 23, 2023

Frugal Friday


Oh my it is Friday already and I really haven't been paying attention to my frugal habits. 

Of course I have followed my usual habits of opening the windows in the evening to cool off the house at night. I have also used rain water every second day to water my bits and bobs. Meals planned and followed to use up all that I can. 

I have combined errands, shopped sales, did our own landscaping (more will be done next year).

I have been decluttering which breaks me at times, but needs to be done. 

Lately I have been considering ways to add to our overall financial picture, and wondering if I could sell items I make...I did try this before without success, but perhaps with better advertising I could do so. It isn't that we really need the extra cash, more I would like to use up what we have and add just a bit to the family coffers. 

Off to visit with all of you, and decide a few more things that are stirring in this old brain.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I think you are doing really well Jackie. Like you I often try to think of ways to add a bit more coffers to the cash pot. I think selling your handmades is a great idea ... social media seems to be a good way to sell nowadays & you don't have to pay a comission fee this way. xx

  2. I love being able to open the windows and cool and air out the house. Seems like This week went by so fast. I could hardly believe it was already Friday again either.

  3. I love your ideas for economizing! I also use Nature's air conditioning except when it is uncomfortably humid. I haven't had to turn on the AC yet this year. I also need to declutter and managed to clear out some ancient documents while it was raining this afternoon.

  4. The days are whizzing past at the moment, aren't they. I can't believe we are now in the last week of June and past the longest day. Crazy!! xx

  5. I've been opening windows at night as well - it is so wonderful to get the fresh air.
    I'm planning to set out some of my hand crafted items at my garage sale (which I'll hold after the house is sold) to determine if there is a market for dishcloths, scrubbies, and other small items. It has always been my plan to sell baby blankets but listing them on FB marketplace and Varage sale didn't work. If I can sell the smaller items, I may rent a table at the next neighbourhood craft sale and try my luck there.

  6. June is flying by and at last we can say we have summer weather. ☀️ nice rain here for a few days, saves watering. It's muggy though.

  7. Trying to sell crafts is not easy. I had a booth at a local craft show/sale a number of years ago and finally realized that it simply wasn't worth all the time spent creating things that people looked at, muttered they could make them cheaper (which they could...but evidently my time was worth nothing), and didn't buy. Same for my landscapes - I make them for my own pleasure and if I happen to sell one it's just a nice bonus.