Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Another Thursday has rolled around, and as I did the budget entries today for last month, I am really happy to note that my thrifty and frugal ways are paying off. Once again we were well under total budget for the month. I would still like to get a few budget lines down even further, but that depends on the weather and the harvest from the garden. 

So what thrifty things have I been busy with over the last week? Many are the usual weekly things I try and keep up with and I have had to rack my poor brain to think of any new things I have done this week. 

We moved one long planter this week and I purchased some in distress plants for 50% off to put in it. They should come back with some care.

Made sure the rain barrel was getting filled during our rain yesterday (we got 1/2 inch) and hopefully we can get it filled completely with the next rain.

Looking for foraging spots and have found a couple where I can pick chokecherries. I am hoping my friend has a bumper crop of raspberries again this year and she gets me to pick a pail or two. 

Found some deadfall while out walking and Harvey and I took the wheelbarrow and cut it up for the firepit. 

I had a few partial spools of black and grey thread and have used up a black spool and a grey spool on the robe I am sewing. Either colour could be used and I get to clear my thread board a bit.

I also patched together some single fold binding in order to use it up on the robe. Looks pretty darn good.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. We too were well under budget - we also made 3 car payments and the car will be paid off next month!

  2. You are doing amazing with your thrifty ways Jackie. I have not heard of chokeberries - am not sure they have them in New Zealand ... but I do love raspberries! I hope your friend has a great crop. xx

  3. Back when I was growing up my friends mother would make jelly out of chokecherries. What will you do with the ones you pick? We’ve not had any rain this week and could always use some.

  4. We had a decent rain again last night - I haven't checked the rain guage this morning yet. I don't have a rain barrel, but certainly wish I did.
    I remember picking chokecherries with my mom as a child. She, too, made chokecherry jelly.

  5. Last weekend I made household wipes and used 4 different spools with about 25% left. It felt so good. I had to be patient because each time they ran out I had to rethread my machine but I got back so much space.

  6. Congrats on being under budget. I've been finding grocery prices here so high, I really don't know how all folks are making do. I notice Belinda's mom made jelly out of chokecherries too. I'd forgotten that...nice memory.