Friday, December 7, 2012

A Frugal Friday

These flowers have been gracing my dining room table for the last week. Harvey won them for me at the company Christmas party. So not only did we get a wonderful free meal and entertainment, but some Christmas decor as well. I am loving my flowers and the extra decorations will be used next year for some other purpose.

Today I had to go grocery shopping and kept the total spent to under $60.00. That is wonderful considering how much grocery prices have risen over the last year. Other than that I had no other spending today.

Watching our money and using up all items is a full time job in this house. Today I pulled out all the chicken and turkey carcasses that I had frozen and made stock.

I got two large pots going on my stove and once the stock was ready boiled it down so it was nice and rich. From the stock I made a large pot of Turkey, Rice, Vegetable Soup and served some of it with crusty home made bread for supper. The rest was put into jars and frozen for more meals later on. I actually have enough for three more suppers and a jar full to give to Kris the next time he comes home for a visit.

I also spent the day when I was not stirring or tasting (you need to taste when you cook, right?) sewing Harvey's pj pants. Almost done, just need to put up the hems and thread the elastic through the waistband.

Next I pulled out balls of yarn left from other knitting projects through the years. I am busy knitting mitts for my fellows.

All in all a very productive, frugal and use it all up day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Good morning Jackie:-)

    I'm finally taking the time to visit my bloggy friends today...I have gifts to wrap but that can wait another day, I need a break from all the Christmas preparations! lol

    The flowers Harvey won are just gorgeous!! Love the ornaments amongst them as well.

    I always make stock from chicken/turkey carcasses and use it for soups and bases, so much better than the store bought stock.

    It's always a great feeling when you can have a productive day:-) xoxo