Saturday, January 5, 2013

It Isn't Hard

The last few years have seen us eating fast food or eating out less and less. When we do eat out it is usually with the use of a free meal card (we will be doing this for our Anniversary next week) or a coupon or two. This is a big money saver for the two of us.

Over the years I have found it less time consuming to make my own meals just the way I like. I know what we are eating and since I have a well appointed kitchen it just makes sense.

Today I threw everything into the slow cooker and made Sweet and Sour Chicken. I was missing one ingredient, plain vinegar but made do with some red wine vinegar and it turned out just perfect. Trying to follow those challenges I gave myself for the new year is starting a bit sooner than I thought it would. I used sale chicken breasts, chopped up green pepper from my freezer, frozen carrots from the freezer, an onion from the cold room and a package of spice mix from my pantry.

Then I pulled out this.

My trusty rice cooker that I got as a gift from Kurt a few years ago. The rice turns out perfect every time I use it....must remember to use it more often.

Supper was on the table on time and we have plenty of leftovers for another meal. I foresee a no cook day coming up next week.

The same meal would have cost us at least $18.95 each, and I made it for around $4.00 each. A savings of over $14.00 each. Much rather have that money in my pocket then lining the pocket of any eating establishment here in town.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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