Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Over the last few days we have had such nice weather that a great deal of the snow we had gotten has disappeared. Things are looking pretty dirty outside right now, but we have now more space to blow any new snow we get in February and March.

Today Father Brian's homily talked about evangelism. One thing he said has stuck in my head and played over and over again as I spent my day doing laundry, starting to clean the sewing/craft room and working on my rug. He said one of our old patriarchs said a true evangelist does not look like they have come from a funeral. I hope that I am spreading the joy of the resurrection and don't look like I am just come from a funeral.

I managed to sew a bit more of the cording on my rug. Here is a new picture to share with all of you.

It is growing and growing, slowly but surely. I will be stitching the sage green section very soon. Then I am not sure which colour I will use next....more burgundy or some more cream. I am leaning to the cream, then burgundy, and then some more sage green.

I hope to share some pictures of my cleaned up sewing/craft room soon. I spent about an hour cleaning one small section of the room and will move on to another section tomorrow. The old small bites of the elephant seems to work the best for me, and working in a circle through the room will help me keep what I already have done ship shape.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Interesting what Father Brian said....

    The rug! It's coming along so nicely- great colors and it will be fun to see more!