Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where, Oh Where, Did This All Come From

Over the last month or so (well since about the middle of November), I have been neglecting my sewing/craft room.

I wonder in pick what I need to work on in the living room, throwing stuff on the floor, or even piling new items on every free surface I can find.

This is now what the room looks like.

Items pulled out and placed (okay that's a nice way of saying thrown on the floor. A laundry basket full of who knows what sitting in front of the closet.

Yarn and pattern books scattered all over the floor. Sure I will be using up the cream yarn on my rug project, but really do I need to leave it lying on the floor???? Christmas bags piled up on top of quilting materials???? What am I doing????

Items piled willy nilly and not in the least bit of order.

Finished projects and yarn piled on top of my drawers of fabric and yarn. It even looks as if I should spend some time straightening up my fabric drawers.

Cut out patterns piled on my sewing machine cabinets and even beside the cabinets, my coat thrown across the chair.

I know what the next few days hold for me. Time to clean up the room, and get things organized once again. I think I will try and spend a bit of time in this room cleaning up and getting a few projects finished up. I have a dress and a vest I can probably sew in the next few days, plus a whole bunch of organizing.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Amazing how quickly things can fall into disarray .. though I think your sewing room probably looks better than mine.

  2. Why is it so EASY for this to happen? You're brave to take pictures, lol. I'm too chicken to take pics of my guest room, which is the "overflow" room in my house for Christmas decs and stuff that needs a temporary home. :)

    Now, you can post all the cute AFTER pics with everything nicely organized. :)

  3. Who has time to organize when being so creative is fun!!!! I know it's the last thing I like to do, but when I do, it really feels nice!

  4. DH walked into my sewing room and said it is looking messy. Well, you think? I haven't had much time to get in here and clean up since the holidays and the rush to get mom's quilt done...let's just say I'm surprised I didn't find any dinner dishes hiding under piles of stuff!