Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

This is what our weather was like this morning.

In fact this looks pretty good compared to what the roads and visibility were early this morning. The RCMP were even closing roads around Regina, pretty sure they opened up once the day lightened up and the winds dropped.

However we are once again in a deep freeze. Heck, we are tough prairie folk and will survive this as we have other bad weather.

I finished all my household chores today as I will be subbing at one of our schools tomorrow. I have even got part of my lunch ready to go for tomorrow. I also have the extension cord in the car to plug in at the school. Just need to get there early enough to use it.

There were very few brave souls at Mass today. Harvey and I felt bad for the group that was raising money to go to Peru on a mission trip. They were having a brunch downstairs, so after Father Brian specifically said that he saw Christ in those people that supported the mission trip, we went downstairs to offer our support. I am glad that we did. Many did not and so it is doubtful that they even made enough to cover their costs. I know it was storming, and the temperature left a great deal to be desired, but spending a bit on a lovely brunch and knowing that you are supporting the youth of our parish was priceless.

I have put aside my rug project for a little while. One of Harvey's sister's wants to buy one of my ruffle scarves. I posted the shades of brown I had, she picked one and so I started it today. I think I may make a couple of them and then see if anyone in the family wishes to buy one. If that works out, I may just start an online shop to sell a few of my knitted items. Could be a nice little sideline for me.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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