Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Snippets

Today has been fairly quiet. I have spent time in the sewing/craft room straightening things up. I also spent a bit of time sewing. I could have finished sewing my first pair of shorts today, but decided after doing a bit of sewing and tidying it was time to move on to something else.

While shopping today I picked up these beauties.

I definitely needed something to remind me that it was spring. After a few days of lovely warm weather, we are now under a snow advisory..... Some areas of the province are expected to get up to 15 cm of snow tonight and tomorrow. Not us thank heavens, but where my brothers live the weather is supposed to be just terrible.

It is April for crying out loud and it is raining right now. I foresee some seriously bad road conditions ahead. Add snow on top of ice slicked roads and accidents are sure to happen.

I also said good bye to my old purse. She was 5 years old and getting pretty worn out. Here is my new one.

Another reminder that spring should actually be here. I bought this at our family reunion 4 years ago and am really looking forward to using it over the next while.

Hubby bought me a special gift today, and I enjoyed a glass before supper.

Chocolate wine!!!! I couldn't wait for it to chill so I added a few ice cubes to it. I can hardly wait until I can enjoy a glass or two on the deck.

Every spring we are visited by two very special birds. Hubby actually thinks they have a nest in the rather large evergreen in the neighbours yard. This is actually the first time I have ever seen the two of them together rather than just hearing them coo.

Two fat and sassy Mourning Doves. The picture is not the best as it was getting dark out but still shows our yearly visitors. The greet us every morning with their call and are a sure sign that spring is actually here.

Last night we had our second last RCIA meeting. I have extended it one more meeting in order to do a bit of a wrap up. The participants will be confirmed at the Vigil and we are all very excited. I will really miss these two participants, they were willing to discuss absolutely everything and are so excited about the Tridium.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. So how does chocolate wine taste? I envision something like Hershey's syrup ;)

  2. Tastes like a rich chocolate liqueur. Or an alcohol infused Hershey's syrup. LOL