Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Today we start the Celebration of Christ's last week of life. This Sunday commemorates Christ's entrance into Jerusalem.

We heard the Passion story and listened to the reading from the Old Testament that spoke about his upcoming death.

Just thinking about what he will go through for our sins makes me grateful that God (cause Christ was God in human form) loved us all so very much. We need to pick up our cross and follow him.

It was a quiet day overall with just a few household tasks. Making my list of chores for next week and stripping and remaking my bed. Otherwise I really did not do very much at all, quite in keeping with a day of rest.

I did pull out the turkey carcasses from the freezer in the basement and make some stock.

Here is a picture of it boiling to concentrate it a little bit. I managed to get 4 1/2 containers which are cooling on my counter. I will be putting them in the fridge and then tomorrow in the freezer.

These are the bones, cooling and getting ready for me to pick the meat off them. I have enough meat picked off to add to two big pots of soup in the coming weeks. Frugal as my soup will only cost me pennies and homemade is always better tasting.

Then it was time to sit and have a bit of a rest.

What better way than a pot of tea and contemplation of life.

Yesterday I sewed some more of the burgundy cord on my rug project. Here is my weekly update.

Just a short piece of the burgundy left and I have already added in the sage green. The rug is now 3 feet across, so it is growing. Not quickly, but it is growing.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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