Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Everything is as ready as it can be, and now we are just waiting for Kurt to get here. Hopefully the roads are not too bad and he makes it here before the Colorado low does.

I took the car into the insurance adjustor yesterday afternoon. Total damage to our vehicle is close to 7k and unless the police find the culprit we are liable for $700.00 of the bill. Still not a great deal in the grand scheme of things.

The adjustor even managed to bend the part of the door that was not allowing it to open fully with pry bar type thing. So nice that I will no longer have to resort to acrobatics crawling over the consul, or trying to squeeze my rather rounded body through a very small opening (kind of like trying to get the sausage meat into a casing). It also took care of the Halloween type screech that would occur every time we opened the door.

After the insurance visit we made the trek to the dealers to set up an appointment with the body shop. Amazingly I can get in on Friday of next week. It does mean that the vehicle will be in a bit longer, but I will have a vehicle from them to drive while it is being worked on. I could have driven Harvey's truck, but I really don't like driving it at the best of times, little lone mid winter on icy roads with tires that leave a bit to be desired.

Finished Kris's toque, and have started on the mitts. I love the fact that I am getting to use up bits and partial skeins or balls of yarn while doing so. Once these are done, it will be back to making some hats for the students at the schools (seems like boys and girls in this day and age manage to loose their winter accessories quite often).

Everybody have a wonderful evening, full of the joy of being with your families.

God bless.


  1. I can relate. 18mos ago, my husband was hit from the rear - he was stopped at a light and some young kid, texting was going 40mph and hit him. TOTALLED our fairly new car that only had 2more months till it would be paid off. My husband hurt his back. You never get fully compensated, for all the trouble it causes in your life. We were looking forward to having no payments. We only had 51,000 miles on it.

    We ended up buying 2 used cars with the settlement, that had more miles than our little car but no payments and so far so good.

    My husbands back, is still not good. We went to a lawyer - and we got a little more, but honestly it was laughable. And the kid did not get charged for using his phone.

    I hope it all works out for you. It's not fun.

    Take care, and have a merry Christmas.

  2. Oh wow, I hope everything works out, how frustrating.

    Sending you the very warmest Christmas wishes.

  3. A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.