Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Month, New Goals

First off I was asked if I noticed a difference in the house since I started the on going decluttering project.

Yes and no. Yes in that my closet and drawers are less full, the cupboards are not filled to overflowing, and before the basement flooded the storage rooms were getting straightened up and very well organized.

No in that with the flood things have been moved around and now take up room in other areas of the house or are in storage.

I figure once the basement is back together, bookcases set up, and the walls redone in the storage room I will really notice a difference in other areas of the house.

Until that time, project declutter will continue. It seems like I can always find a few things to donate or recycle.

Another blogger asked how our basement is coming along. Well we are still waiting on the furnace guys to pay us another visit. The venting into the addition has not been done, but once that is completed things will move along quickly. At least I hope things will begin to move quickly.

Harvey does little things, but we are running out of little things for him to complete.

So here are my goals for this month.

1.  Get the tree up and decorated.

2.  Gifts parcel done and mailed to my brothers and nieces.

3.  Cards/phone calls/and ecards done.

4.  Wash, iron and frame our sons cross stitch gifts.

5.  Wrap gifts.

6.  Finish the Christmas baking.

7.  Continue with my knitting, sewing and cross stitch projects.

8.  Try for as many no spend days as possible this month (I am not going to set a goal, rather I am just going to see how many I can accumulate).

9.  My new household calendar pages need to be made.

Sure hope I manage to get these all completed. I do have a good start on many of them, and some will be fairly quick to complete, others, not so much.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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