Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thrifty Tuesday

This Thrifty Tuesday I am going to share a new recipe with all of you. One where I got to use leftover roast beef in a new way.

The recipe itself called for thinly sliced steak, but hey being the kind of cook I am, with a bag of frozen leftover roast beef slices to use up I went with that.

Spicy Beef Noodles

12 cups of water
1 1/2 tsp salt
8 oz spaghetti

3 tbsp. brown sugar, packed
3 tbsp. lime juice (I subbed lemon juice as I did not have any lime juice in my pantry)
3 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tsp chili paste (sambal oelek)
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1/8 tsp pepper

1 tbsp. cooking oil
1 tsp Sesame oil (didn't have so just used a bit more oil)
1 lb top sirloin steak cut into thin strips (this is where I cut my leftover roast beef into thin slices about 2 1/2 to 3 cups)

1/2 cup thinly sliced red pepper (we were having roast veggies that were leftover so I didn't use this in the recipe)
6 green onions cut into 2" pieces
2 cloves garlic minced

Combine water and salt in large pot. Bring to a boil. Add spaghetti. Boil uncovered 10 - 12 minutes (I did my new trick of turning off the burner when the water came back to a boil). Drain, and return to pot. Cover to keep warm.

Meanwhile combine next 6 ingredients in a small bowl.

Heat large frying pan or wok until very hot. Add the oils. Add beef and stir fry for about 6 minutes if using steak until browned. I stir fried my leftover roast beef until just browned about 3 minutes.

Add remaining three ingredients. Stir fry for about 1 minute or until red pepper is tender crisp. Stir in the brown sugar mixture and add the pasta. Toss to coat well.

Nice and spicy. It really hit the spot, and we have enough leftovers for another meal.

I had just started to toss the pasta, sauce and meat together. Believe me there was lots of meat in it, enough to even satisfy my carnivore of a husband.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. The sauce sounds delicious, I'll certainly try that, thank you.