Monday, December 19, 2016

Menu Monday

I was all set to blog yesterday and then decided to phone one of my Aunts after supper (I had actually hoped to phone both of them) to say Merry Christmas and touch base. Well after a two and a half hour conversation we finally called it quits and said good bye. It was then time for me to crawl into bed so no post.

Today is a new day however, and since my menu is planned a month in advance I can post early this morning and still have the evening free to phone the next Aunt.

We had a few changes last week, a few more leftovers then I thought would be available for using up and so some meals are moved to this week (not many though).


Leftover chili. I think I just might heat up the leftover potatoes (fridge is getting a bit crowded) to serve the chili over. Along with a salad, this should fill us up nicely and get rid of some containers in the fridge and fridge freezer.


Leftover roast beef. Time to try a new recipe, the beef curry from a few weeks ago went over well so I am sure there is another really good recipe lurking in one of my many cookbooks.


I will be pulling up Cabbage rolls from the freezer downstairs.


Using up the last of the chicken stock. I plan on making soup and sandwiches for our meal. Kris should be home as well and he loves my homemade soup.


German Dumplings with fried eggs, onions and butter. Comfort food, and there will be leftovers for Kurt to nibble on when he gets home.

Saturday (Christmas Eve)

Meatballs in mushroom soup. Served with salad, and egg noodles.

Sunday (Christmas Day)

Our traditional Turkey Dinner. Roast turkey and all that goes with that. No pies though, I have enough sweets and squares baked to see us through the holidays and perhaps beyond.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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