Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Roundup

Once again temperatures plummeted. In fact it was the coldest day of the year today. When I woke up this morning the temperature was -36 C and the wind was blowing, which means the wind chill made it feel like -48 C. Not fit for woman or beast.

The sun did shine however and that helped to heat our house for a few hours.

I  promised you all some pictures of various gifts.

I always make our sons a gift or two and this year is no different.

This is for Kurt, our Lovecraft fanatic.

Kris on the other hand has always loved dragons. I started this a number of years ago and this year in my mad dash to get all those unfinished projects completed got this one done right after my angel (which needs to be washed, press, mounted and framed still...).

Pretty sure he will like it.

I also finished up a scarf, headband, cowl and mitts for myself.

Here are the mitts and cowl. I could use another pair of mitts, and I do have a partial ball of yarn that needs using.....

Tomorrow is another day, and it is supposed to be warming up. Sure hope so as I could use a bit of a walk.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. i love all the gifts...and i just pulled out my gloves and a warm's cold here, but not like where u are...brrr

  2. Wow! Amazing work on both, Jackie! The dragon looks especially complicated. Don't your sons look at your blog?

  3. Margie, they don't know I have a blog...... Which in thinking about it is a very good thing.

    God bless.