Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Tid Bits

Brrrr, still in the deep freeze here. Kinda like Frozen, but without the princesses, or snow creatures. Really the temperature is not too bad, its the darn wind chill that is causing the problems. I am hopeful that the temperature will go up by next week.

Today I went grocery shopping. Well I guess I should say "we". Yep, I dragged Harvey along. He hasn't been shopping here in years. Yes, I do get him to go with me in Regina Costco or the Great Canadian Warehouse for stock up shopping. Usually the men (Harvey and Kris) disappear for quite awhile, or you could say I send them off to collect various items for me which seems to work well. This time the poor man seemed a bit lost. At the end of our trip, Harvey looked at me and mentioned that he knew where to find things in Costco, but not in our own cities grocery. Do you think that means he will come shopping with me again???? Doubtful.

Stuck to my list, but even sticking to the list I still noticed that prices have risen. The only meat bought was the turkey for Christmas dinner, and I had a $10.00 off coupon for that item. My final bill was $150.00. I dread having to buy meat in the near future.

Tried my first new meal tonight. Swiss steak using ready made hamburger patties. It actually turned out not too badly. A few tweaks and everything should be perfect. I think I have found a new meal to add into the rotation.

I will share a picture the next time I make it as well as the recipe, as usual I forgot to get a picture before we ate.

Off to work on my knitting and enjoy the lights on the tree.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. brrr....I know it's cold's been really cold in the early mornings and evenings here but nothing like your temps, I'm sure.
    Yep..price of meat is terrible...we have more veggie dinners now...and veggie soups...with cornbread...covered in butter...ha.....Hope your weekend will be a good one