Monday, May 15, 2017

Menu Monday

I think things are pretty well back to normal on the old homestead. Well as normal as they ever are and I hope to get back to blogging this week.

Menu's were changed up a bit last week so if you see a repeat, well just know it did not get eaten on the day it was supposed to.


Chicken breasts, rice, asparagus and a tossed salad.


Clean out the fridge night.


Leftover pork roast from the fridge freezer (if none I will make the pork roast we were supposed to have on Sunday). Using up the remainder of the asparagus as well.


Leftover chicken made into a casserole.


Fish Fillets, homemade fries and coleslaw.


Sausage Casserole (might add some different veggies to this).


Beef Roast, roasted potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts (they are on sale this week).

I am looking forward to this weekend. It is a holiday weekend here in Canada (Victoria day) and our youngest Kris is planning on coming home.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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  1. Jackie, your Menu Monday always motivates me to do my weekly meal planning. I find the hardest part of preparing food is making a plan. So...
    Monday - tortellini soup for a chilly, rainy day with temps hovering @ 0C
    Tuesday - chicken with asparagus
    Wednesday - hot dogs with the fixings including some leftover chili
    Thursday - dressed cauliflower with leftover chicken
    Off to stay with grandkids for the long weekend!!!